Our Services

Netion Insect Screen

We make aluminum framed mesh doors as per customer requirement. The mesh door not only protects from mosquito's but also from files,insects, rats, cats ets enering your home. It prevents small kids going out of the doos at the same time not compromising on ventilation. we use best quality material for making aluminum framed mesh doors

Mosquito Net

A mosquito net offers protection against mosquitoes, flies, and other insects, and thus against the diseases they may carry. Very effective against mosquitoes and small flies Mesh of a net is fine enough to exclude insects without impeding visibility or the flow of air unacceptably easily fold-able and easy to install in less than a minute No zippers and lengthy enough to hang till floor. No way for flies/mosquitoes to enter, can even insert the end of the net below your bed.

Carpets & Door Mats

Whether you're looking for a doormat to protect your carpet from muddy feet or a rug to add a splash of colour to your living room or bedroom, you'll find everything that you're looking for in the Homebase range of rugs and mats lots more besides.

False Cellings & Wall Papers

Ceiling designs can be brighten up with modern wallpaper that add texture and color, interesting patterns or pleasant images. Ceiling decorating with modern wallpaper is a great choice for those who likes to create modern interior design while balancing rooms dimensions.

Curtains & All type of Blinds

There are several different styles of window blinds on the market. With so many different choices out there it can be hard to determine the best choice for your home. Before starting any shopping it’s important to set a budget and stick to it. With any home project whether small or large it is easy to lose sight of the cost, so setting a budget for the blinds before shopping is very important. If you know where to shop you can get high quality blinds on sale for great prices.

Aluminium Partitions

Bris Aluminium office partitions are the professional solution to quality aluminium partitions, door frames and windows for your shop or office fitout.Our Supreme Partition System boasts an impressive range of widths and a high level of customisation in design and specification requirements. Our highly skilled staff are there to work with you to provide the best solution to your Brisbane office partition needs. With state of the art machinery and our commitment to customer satisfaction, Bris Aluminium allows you to concentrate on delivering great work spaces with a minimum of fuss.

Sun Control Films

Sun control films are plastic films that can be applied to glasses on the window to reduce heat transfer from outside. These films have been in use for cars since quite some time in our country. People are aware of the tinted glasses in the cars and have seen how it prevents excess heat in the cars. The same can be applied on glasses on windows at home to prevent heat from outside to come in the room, thereby reducing the load on the air conditioners. A sun control film can typically cut down 78% of heat coming through the windows and thus can reduce the units consumed by air conditioner. In winters they reduce heat loss by reflecting up to 35% of heat back into the room. On the whole it can give 5-10% savings on electricity costs and reduce your electricity bill due to air conditioning by properly insulating your room.

Vinyl & Wooden Flooring

These highly durable vinyl flooring planks come in ultra-realistic wood and tile looks, are water-resistant (great for bathrooms, kitchens and mudrooms), have a great warmth and texture under your feet